Privacy Policy

In order to be compliant with European Union GDPR regulations, this page is set up to inform you what data is collected and processed from you in the course of using this site. I am not a lawyer, so in writing this description I have referred to advice made available by WordPress (e.g. here) and other online sites. This page is written as far as possible in plain English, with links to information on external websites for legal details.

Short summary: A certain amount of data is collected from you to facilitate your use of the site, just as happens behind the scenes on every website. Personalised ads where used (if at all) only appear if you click on a button to grant your consent. Use common sense and don’t share information in comments on posts or when contacting the site that you will later regret sharing. You have a right to ask what data has been collected / stored, get a copy of this information, and have it deleted.

Data is collected in two ways on the site:

  1. in order to run the site
  2. if you choose to submit additional data in the course of using the site by, for example, commenting on posts or sending an e-mail using the details provided on the contact page.

This website is made using WordPress, which is owned by Automattic. If you would like details on what data they collect from you in order to facilitate the running of the site, please have a look at their Privacy Policy, and how they use tracking cookies. When you first use my site, a notice pops up at the bottom to inform you that cookies are being used and that continued use of the site implies consent for this. This is a standard feature on modern websites. Where advertising is used on this site (if at all), personalised adverts (i.e. ones tailored to you) are only used if you click the “Close and Accept” button on this pop-up.

In addition to the basic WordPress functionality, this site uses G Suite, a set of tools from Google, for tasks such as e-mail. Information on the way Google handles data is found here.

By choosing to comment on posts on the website, you are consenting to any information you write being displayed publicly in this manner. You are responsible for the content of what you write, so use common sense and don’t write anything that you would regret becoming public knowledge, or that is rude, or encourages illegal activity etc. . You have a right to have any comments that you have submitted deleted. Please use the details on the contact page to get in touch should this be necessary. Additionally, while I both respect and encourage the sharing of different viewpoints, I reserve the right to remove comments from the site at any time, for any reason and without giving an explanation.

You have a right to inquire what data if any (including personal details) has been collected from you in the course of using this site, and to have any collected information deleted.

If in the course of using this site you contact me via e-mail, please be aware that by the nature of this method of communication any information you submit may effectively be stored (e.g. in an e-mail inbox). Should you wish to have information submitted in this manner deleted, please use the details on the contact page to get in touch.

Any personal information revealed in the course of contacting me using any of the methods listed on this site will not be made public or passed on to third parties without your express permission. If you contact me by e-mail, you e-mail address won’t be used for any kind of marketing by me or passed on to a third party.

Lastly, though it should never be necessary, it goes without saying that when it comes to sharing your personal information I have to abide by any guidelines or demands from law-enforcement authorities.