Hello, and welcome to Life and Lions!

My name is Jonny. I’m in my mid-thirties and live in the Northeast in the UK. I have interests in a wide variety of things from physics to art (using both traditional and digital media), gardening to computer games.

Welcome to the Life and Lions website!


This website is a place to collect together the best of everything I am interested in. There is a blog for posts about all sorts of aspects of Life from a Christian standpoint. I think its fair to say the twists and turns over time have given me a fairly unique perspective and something to usefully share with the world. And there is an area for my favourite photographs and art as well.


As for the Lions? I grew up surrounded by books of panel cartoons – Peanuts (aka Snoopy), B.C. and the Wizard of Id. I must have read them 50 times each. I love the slowly developing jokes, deadpan humour, and terrible, terrible puns. Thinking more broadly, I love the way humour can cut through to the heart of a situation that would otherwise be tricky to address. So I wanted to try my hand at creating some cartoons myself. When I started the website I intended to add cartoons featuring Cedar, a two-foot tall Lion. He hasn’t appeared – but Mewlton the Origami cat has!

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